OSP Members' Benefits

Why be our OSP Member?

1) Free Online Profile and Job Matching Services

By being an OSP member, you can login to create your online profile so that potential employers can view your credentials, experience as well as job preferences.

You can also use our job matching services, which helps you narrow down your preferred jobs based on specific filters such as location, position, pay mode etc.

2) Get up-to-date Security Industry Information

We will be providing up-to-date security industry information to our members via our members communications channels, to better inform our members about the latest trends, reports and updates pertaining to the security industry.

Gain easy access to Security Career information

OSP members can look forward to gaining access to Security Career information, for instance, career guides, career progression info, upgrading courses available etc.

4) Lifestyle Promotions and Discounts

OSP will be working with various lifestyle providers to offer promotions and discounts to our members via our Marketplace page.

5) Chat and Network with fellow OSP members

We are currently developing an online discussion group enable members come together and share insights and advice to one another.

With the above 5 key benefits, we look forward to play our part to support the needs and enhance the standards of security personnel in Singapore.

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