$399 Recruitment Package

About us

Leverage on our full-service recruitment support package, as a cost-effective way to find and recruit the right candidates for your team.

Key Features & Benefits:

With our $399 per month Subscription, you can:

  • Get unlimited job postings on our Human Resource Centre every month
  • Reach out to more than 29,000 qualified officers in our membership
  • Contact officers actively searching for jobs through personalised SMS
  • Screen and select preferred officers based on your criteria (eg. Experience, Area of Residence etc.)
  • Receive Email Alert notification with every job application
  • Track your activity with our monthly reports
About us

Get Free Yearly e-Learning Subscription (Usual Price: $1440 per year) to our 3 Modules on our e-Learning Portal when you subscribe to our $399 recruitment support package!

For details, terms and conditions, please contact us at:

     9777 7031
     9678 7762