Current Courses Available

Handling Bomb Threats and Fire Evacuation Procedures

This course consist of 2 modules which provides officers a basic knowledge on how to identify and handle a bomb threat, and the proper safety evacuation procedures in the event of a fire.

Includes 2 modules:

  • Handling Bomb Threat
  • Fire Evacuation

Scenarios of Bomb Package (Suspicious Article)

This course consist of 1 module which focuses on the more detailed examples of the different types of bomb threats including suspicious articles. Learners will be equipped with more in-depth knowledge and awareness of how to handle such situations and who to contact for assistance.

Includes 1 module:

  • Scenarios of Bomb Package (Suspicious Article)

WTMD & HHMD Procedures and Conduct Crowd Control and Identify A Suspicious Person

Includes 3 modules:

  • WTMD & HHMD Procedures
  • Conduct Crowd Control
  • Identify A Suspicious Person

Series 1: Recommended (All Learners)

Includes 4 modules:

  • Suspicious Article
  • Armed Assault
  • Bomb Threat
  • Suspicious Mail and Packages

Series 2.1: Recommended (Security Officers - Supervisor)

Includes 4 modules:

  • BIED
  • Suicide Bomber
  • IED
  • Ramming Attack

Series 2.2: Recommended (Security Officers - Supervisor)

Includes 3 modules:

  • Sharp Edge Weapon Attack
  • Suspicious Person Handling
  • Emergency Evacuation

Series 3: Recommended (Security Supervisor and above)

Includes 3 modules:

  • Hostage Taking
  • Emergency Evacuation
About us

This comprehensive course comprises of 8 online e-learning modules which aims to provide officers with a comprehensive set of knowledge in the key areas of their respective duties. After completing the 8 modules, learners will be able to take a secured online test which requires them to be authenticated.

Upon successful completion of the test, they will be awarded with a certificate of achievement issued and endorsed by OSP and Security Industry Institute, Temasek Polytechnic. The 8 modules under the Online Security Learning Program are as follows:

  • Handling Bomb Threat
  • Identify A Suspicious Person
  • WTMD and HHMD procedures
  • Handling Suspicious Parcel
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Fire Alarm Evacuation Procedures
  • Conduct Crowd Control
  • Power Of Search and Arrest Custody